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Fortress Financial Technologies is purpose-built to provide financial, regulatory and technology infrastructure to the rapidly emerging Web3 space and to empower ePayments, eTrust, and asset tokenization innovators.

About Fortress Financial Technologies

Fortress provides foundational regulatory, financial and transactional technology for customers to build, scale, and succeed in their Web3 initiatives. 

Our team is composed of a mix of old-school finance industry executives combined with emerging technologies experts, championing transformation in payments, trading, digital data, and compliance. We sit on the cutting edge, though in an “adults in the room” kind of way. We build infrastructure to change the game for our customers- creating solutions in ePayments, crypto, enterprise tokenization, and more. 

We stand ready with incredible APIs and phenomenal customer support, we partner with best-in-class industry leaders, and we serve a broad, influential base of B2B customers from Y Combinator startup’s to major brands consumers and businesses rely on every day…globally.


Awards Fortress Won

Web3 Innovator of the Year

Fortress Blockchain Technologies named ‘Web3 Innovator of the Year’ by Fireblocks.

Top 50 Best Startups

Voted one of the 2023’s Top 50 Best Startups to work for in Austin by BuiltIn.

Our Investors

$34M Raised

Our Investors - Salt
Our Investors - Ayon Capital
Our Investors - Ripple
Our Investors - Nevcaut Ventures
Our Investors - Mighty Capital
Our Investors - Eagle River


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