Thought Leadership from Fortress

SVB and Silvergate Bank – Why?

How does a “bank run” lead to the death of a bank? Isn’t money just electronic now? Why can’t a bank just give people their money back if they want it?

The SEC vs. Crypto

When elephants are in a state of panic, even if rampaging the...

Crypto – darkest before the dawn

The bad news continues in crypto, almost entirely from firms with money-transmitter...

Auditors Flee Crypto Exchanges

This week we saw Armanino, one of the top-25 accounting firms in...

Exchange Run – explained

My thoughts on recent events in crypto… What’s a ‘bank run’? When...

State Regulatory Exams Commence

Last week, in the wake of FTX, Genesis, Gemini, and others, my...

The Crypto Chaos Survival Guide

It’s been a busy week in the world of crypto, and you’re...


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