Modernize & Simplify Your Payments to Gig-Workers, Influencers, Contractors & Employees.


Of businesses say current payment methods are challenging & expensive


Of gig-workers want their money faster


Wasted annually from returned checks, ACH fails, and wire issues


Staff hours lost trying to update
check and bank payment addresses


Of global payees prefer to hold USD over local currency


Of businesses want to reduce costs, fees, time and problems associated with archaic payment rails

Reduce cost and complexity as blockchain payment rails do away with antiquated legacy systems of checks, wires, ACH, push-to-card and other expensive, unwieldy payment methods.


Blockchain Rails With Digital Dollars Provides:

No more missed payments or returned checks
Low Cost
No more missed payments or returned checks
Eliminate headaches
Indisputable payment receipts

Easy to Integrate (See Our APIs!)

Reduce staff time
Brandable Debit Cards
Enable “spendback” frictionlessly, with no cost

All payments in USD, with local offramps in currencies globally via Moneygram, currency exchanges.
Plus options to send Fed-wire, SWIFT-wire, and linked bank accounts (ACH). Brandable debit cards coming soon!

How does it work?

Step 1

Write into our APIs

For sending payments, pulling ledgers, and providing wallets to your workers

web3 payment infrastructure
Step 2

Send USD to Fortress

Convert cash to Digital Dollars

Step 3

Send Digital Dollars

To all contractors, employees, and vendors

Web3 payment gateway
Step 4

Ledger Delivery Receipts

Receipts of all payments, data file for your accounting system

Easy, low cost, secure for all payees, both US and globally!


Via Blockchain

Turning cash into digital USD that can be sent anywhere — instantly.

Fortress Brandable (embeddable) Stablecoin Wallet

Your Users, Your Wallet

Embed an incredibly user-friendly ePayments, crypto & NFT wallet directly into your mobile and web apps.

Frictionless, Easy to Use
Gig payments

Why Fortress?

Complete service stack, soup to nuts, no requirement for multiple processors
Instant payment processing
Data files import directly into your accounting system
SOC2 certified
Chartered, BSA-compliant financial institution
Member, American Bankers Association and Nevada Trust Association
Unrivaled technology support and enterprise account services
Technology options to add new services & features, including digitized content (video, photos, event tickets, rewards points, etc)
Fortress Logo

Launch in weeks, not months or years.

Our mission is to build key Infrastructure for NFT & crypto innovators that onboard the next billion people into blockchain.