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Investment types

Permissible investments include...




Real Estate


Private Business Securities

Debt Instruments

Gold & Precious Metals

*NFT’s that represent securities, gold, royalties on music & art, patents, real estate, loans/debt, etc. 
Digital art, trading cards and other collectibles are not “investments” permitted in IRA’s.

easily offer IRAs

How does it work?

Step 1

Write into our APIs

Step 2

Offer IRAs as an account option to your customers

Present as “your brand IRA” (white label). Ensure UX is on your platform.

Step 3

Add Funds

Customers rollover or send funds to their IRA. They can even set recurring monthly auto-deposits!

Step 4


Customers buy assets

Step 5

Your brand tool

Your app or website displays accounts, details & transactions…

Why Fortress?

Your brand, your customers…exclusively

Instant account opening & funding

Ability to set markups on prices

Ability to take advisory fees

Flexibility to add new products & offerings

Full suite of RESTful API’s

Easy, low friction UX

Ability to take transaction fees

Wide array of investment options

IRA funding options include:

Credit Cards*
ACH/Linked Bank Accounts*
*Option to set automated monthly deposits

IRA’s Explained

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all retirement account. Different types of accounts, and different investment strategies, are available to meet your needs.

But it can be confusing, with “Traditional IRA’s”, “Roth IRA’s”, “SEP IRA’s”, “SIMPLE IRA’s”, “solo/individual 401K’s, and “company 401K’s. It can make your head spin trying to decide. So, let’s make it easy!

Quick Fact

You can have more than one IRA*. Most people don’t realize that they can have an IRA at their broker, an IRA at their bank, and an IRA at Fortress Trust in order to invest in different things. No need to have all assets in one place, using a single investment strategy that may or may not work!

What’s the difference? And which one is right for you?

While it’s true that all IRAs have certain features in common, there can be big differences from one type of IRA to the next. Let’s explain…

Types of IRA’s

Investing your IRA: “self-directed”

Okay, you’ve finally gone through the process of figuring out which type of IRA is right for you. Whew. Now it’s time to get to work and grow the account. Here are the steps…

Funding: Okay, obviously you need to put money into your account. You can do this with a deposit right now. You can also fund it from another retirement account you have set up somewhere, either as; a “rollover” meaning you have taken a distribution from your account and you will reinvest those funds into your new account (this should be done within 60 days of taking the distribution to avoid taxes and/or penalties. Also, you are limited to one rollover per 12 months.) or a “transfer” meaning your current custodian will transfer the funds to your new account so you won’t have to take possession of them (this is favorable because you won’t have to worry about the restrictions and hassle that comes along with a rollover). And, of course, you should arrange for some amount of money to be automatically added to your IRA every month (something we make easy).


Always get the advice of your CPA when determining how much you (or your employees) can contribute to any IRA or 401K in a given year. The IRS calculations can be confusing, yet must be respected. Fortress Trust does not provide any accounting advice nor determine your contribution amounts, limits or eligibility for tax deductions and distributions we provide the accounts and ensure they are set up in compliance with IRS regulations and protected under Trust regulations.

Investing — Self Directed

Note that your annual max-contributions are set by the IRS, not the places where you have your IRA’s. Thus you can only add new funds annually to the max-amount at all places combined, not each individually.

Multiple IRAs?

Note that your annual max-contributions are set by the IRS, not the places where you have your IRA’s. Thus you can only add new funds annually to the max-amount at all places combined, not each individually.

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Financial Apps
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NFT Marketplaces

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Our mission is to build key Infrastructure for NFT & crypto innovators that onboard the next billion people into blockchain.