Launching Vault: Fortress Teams Up with Google Cloud to Build Private Data Storage for NFTs and Unlock Web3 for More Industries

September 28, 2022

It’s an exciting day for the team at Fortress Blockchain Technologies. At Token2049 in Singapore, our CTO and founder, Kevin Lehtiniity — alongside the Google Cloud Web3 Strategy team — announced our collaboration to help every industry protect their tokenized intellectual property and assets. Meet the Fortress Vault.

The Fortress Vault helps companies across industry verticals protect their tokenized intellectual property (IP) and assets by privately storing the content with the accessibility, privacy, portability, and provenance that blockchain enables. 

What NFTs mean for regulated industries

In a world that already functions digitally, documents can now be encrypted, stored, tracked, referenced, and accessed with clear provenance, established ownership, and records of authenticity that do not risk human error, mistaken identity, or expose private data. Vault is a significant innovation in its ability to maintain the integrity of non-public data accessible through NFTs in industries like music, event ticketing, gaming, finance, transportation, real estate, and healthcare.

“NFTs aren’t just expensive jpegs,” says Kevin Lehtiniitty, co-founder and CTO of Fortress. “NFTs are a technology that allow us to access unique or non-fungible data via a distributed ledger to prove the authenticity and establish the provenance of the asset. If you can pair the token to data that is accessible exclusively by the token holder — and only to the token holder — then NFTs become a digital key to unlock everything from music to event tickets to real estate deeds to healthcare records to estate documents, essentially to everything in the world that’s digital.”

Unlocking private storage on ‘public’ blockchain

Prior to Vault, content on the blockchain was either publicly viewable or had to be hosted on unsupervised databases on distributed computers around the world. This excluded valuable or sensitive content and intellectual property from digital assets like NFTs. With Vault, enterprise customers can now privately store tokenized IP with a cloud-based, secure, and unified solution. 

“NFTs and the blockchain will fundamentally transform every industry in our society,” adds Lehtiniitty. “By building the Fortress Vault on Google Cloud’s secure infrastructure, we are creating a vital  path for Fortune 500 brands, governmental organizations, celebrities, and everyone else to build innovative new products and services on blockchain technology with privacy and compliance standards in place.” 

“We look forward to teaming up with Fortress Blockchain Technologies and providing secure cloud infrastructure to help enable its new Vault platform, ” said Carlos Arena, director, Digital Assets, Google Cloud. “Our work together reinforces our greater mission to help enable the Web3 ecosystem with scalable technology and solutions that help establish trust in the community.”

Web3 infrastructure eliminates barriers to blockchain, NFT benefits

Prior to launching Vault, Fortress had already begun eliminating barriers with simple, streamlined APIs that power businesses at any stage of Web3 adoption to quickly launch and scale with embeddable wallets for NFTs and fungible rewards tokens; mint NFTs; and integrate key financial services backed by a secure, regulated financial institution, Fortress Trust. Like all of our products, Vault is overseen by Fortress Trust, which ensures its privacy and compliance standards as a regulated entity.

We are so excited about what Vault and private data storage means for businesses on Web3 – now that we can safely, securely leverage blockchain for healthcare, real estate, music, finance, and more. It’s time to future-proof your business and tech in a digital world.

If you’re ready to start your Web3 journey, build an NFT strategy, or simply understand what blockchain can do for your business, contact us today to get started!


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