Meet Maple: Leveraging Fortress Web3 Technologies to build digital collectibles into their connective dating, dining, and experience app

October 31, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that Maple has chosen Fortress Web3 Technologies to create a connected (and connective) app for dating, dining, and experiences. Maple has built their all-in-one app to help people discover the best restaurants, bars, and indoor/outdoor activities in their area, meet new people nearby, and then plan and reserve an entire experience together. 

The company will leverage Fortress Web3 infrastructure APIs in the Maple app to let users turn their experiences and memories into digital collectibles — also known as NFTs. Users will do this in the Maple app by “minting” images, recordings, or other digital memories from festivals, concerts, sporting events, and dates. The end result is a personalized, curated record of user experiences, all in one place. 

“Connecting people is the driving force behind everything we do at Maple,” said Sebastian Galindo, CEO of Maple. “Web3 unlocks the most compelling use cases for threading live experiences and digital engagement together, and we are thrilled to work with Fortress to deliver this to our users— all without adding any complexity for tracking and managing their memories.”

Maple also plans to make bridging the gap between digital and traditional connectivity more rewarding than ever. Users of Maple are able to collect Maple Tokens for all of their interactions — making a new connection, trying out a new restaurant, or booking tickets to a new show, for example. Those Maple Tokens can be collected and redeemed at the many restaurants and entertainment venues they’re partnered with — once again, all without having to toggle beyond a single app. 

“Our team is so impressed with the vision that Sebastian and the Maple team bring to Web3 utilization,” says Ryan Miller, CRO of Fortress. “Web3 technology, at its core, unlocks the ability for businesses to  provide a more seamless user experience; one that meets users where they are, and provides more value and connection than distraction. We can’t wait to see what they accomplish leveraging Fortress infrastructure.”

Building digital collectibles into the Maple app via NFTs is another step in the company’s growing momentum. Maple launched its app on Saturday October 29th and will be tapping into its waitlist of 70,000 users. Galindo says that Maple will be launching in 20 US cities this November, announcing a number of key dining and entertainment partners, and expects the Web3 elements of the app to expedite that growth.

We are so happy to be supporting Maple in building a more connective user experience for their 70,000+ waitlist members, and look forward to supporting them as they scale!

If you need a partner to help turn your Web3 vision into a reality, get in touch with the Fortress team today! [email protected]


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