Fortress Tokenization Engine

Enterprise NFT tokenization engine for public & private content.

Easily tokenize art, contracts, securities, healthcare records, videos, estate documents, and intellectual property. 

Enterprise Tokenization

Non-Fungible Tokens

NFTs - unique digital items

Used for proof of ownership or authenticity, audience connection, collectibles, ticketing, digital services, asset management and more. The Fortress Tokenization Engine makes it easy to create and manage projects, store private content, protect intellectual property, and send content updates– all from a user-friendly dashboard.  

Fungible Tokens

Fungible - “coins” or “tokens”

Used for a wide variety of purposes including corporate rewards programs, special offers, exclusive experiences, and gamification. The Fortress Tokenization Engine makes it easy to produce mass quantities of tokens, both one-time and ongoing mints.


Key NFT Features of the Fortress Tokenization Engine Include

Royalty Integrity

We ensure all intelectual property is tokenized such that royalties cannot be stripped out by malicious actors and are enforced for both primary and secondary transactions.

Content Vault

All of your non-public content, documents and intellectual property are encrypted, stored on Google Cloud and overseen by a financial institution. There is absolutely no distribution of your content to global networks of unsupervised personal computers.

Follow-on Content

Unprecedented engagement with the ability to continuously add new content to previously published NFTs. Perfect for event tickets (adding post-event photos, video or special offers to NFT holders), influencers, communities, metaverses, games, healthcare, real estate, securities, non-profits, and corporate brands. 

NFT holders will be alerted when new content is added to their NFT vault. They’ll never miss an important update or new piece of content again.

Royalty Escrow

A service provided by Fortress Trust Company to protect incoming royalties, instantly convert crypto to US Dollars, and ensure that everyone who is supposed to get paid, gets paid (e.g. freelancer, manager, contract employee, publicist, etc). This also provides an excellent ledger for your accountant and advisors.

Sell your nfts

Selling Tools

If you are selling your NFTs, we provide tools to make this easy and keep you completely in control.

Sell-Direct Widget

A plug ‘n play widget that you can use on your website and in social media to sell NFTs directly to your audience. They can use their credit cards, link a bank account, send a wire, or even pay in crypto… Easy. All proceeds go directly into your account (in dollars, not crypto).

Marketplace Linking

Direct linking if you want to sell your NFTs on OpenSea, Autograph, Ethernity or any other WalletConnect-enabled marketplace. Proceeds & royalties will still land directly into your royalty account at Fortress Trust.


Integration Options


Unlimited flexibility and opportunities to craft
exactly the solution you want for your business. Perfect for ticketing, corporate brands, gaming, neo-banks, rewards
platforms, and other technology enterprises.

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