Fortress trust company

Financial infrastructure for Web3 and crypto innovators

The Web3 industry’s go-to financial institution for payments, compliance, crypto liquidity, royalty escrow, specialty account custody (IRA’s, ‘40-Act, etc), and trustee for tokenized assets.

The Trust

Trust Fortress to be your regulated partner for Web3

Payment Rails

Accept and process payments via credit card, linked bank accounts, wires, and crypto.


As a BSA-subject financial institution we take responsibility for handling KYC, AML, sanctions screening and other regulatory headaches.

Crypto Liquidity

Also called crypto on/offramps, we work closely with exchanges and OTC desks to facilitate easy, instant, risk-free conversions of dollars to crypto and/or crypto to dollars. Perfect for NFT publishers who want royalties in dollars, as well as for neo-banks who want to give their users the ability to invest in crypto.

Fraud Mitigation

Tools and options to limit or even eliminate your exposure to chargebacks and fraud.

Qualified Custodian

For investment advisers, trusts, retirement accounts (IRA’s), and others who are required to hold assets with a ’40 Act “qualified custodian”. We can quickly, easily open accounts and onboard assets as required by SEC regulations.


Assets being tokenized that are originally issued in paper or book-entry form by the governmental or corporate entities need to be placed in trust with a regulated financial intuition where they are subject to oversight and audit. Fortress Trust holds real estate deeds, securities, estate documents and other asset classes to ensure the integrity of tokens minted to represent them.


All electronic data, content and intellectual property is encrypted, held and overseen by Fortress Trust at AWS. There is absolutely no distribution of your private content to global networks of unsupervised personal computers. And there is no risk of loss of data or assets (see “Regulatory Security” below).


For individuals, businesses, IRA’s, and trusts of all types. Both US domestic and global. Low-friction, instant onboarding and opening of accounts.

NFT Royalty Escrow

Confidently receive royalties from NFT sales and resales, automatically convert crypto to dollars, provide transparency to all participants, give CPA’s and advisors a transaction ledger, and ensure everyone gets paid.


Regulatory Security of Your Assets

As a regulated financial institution if anything happens to Fortress then the banking commissioners staff takes control to ensure an orderly, secure transition of assets and data to another trust company or bank. Assets are NOT “on balance sheet”…all assets are held FBO (“for benefit of”) and segregated for each customer individually and have no risk of third-party claims associated with Fortress.

Fintech’s FAVORITE Apis

Everything you need to build and scale.

API’s for crypto exchanges, NFT marketplaces, tokenization platforms, corporate brands, agencies, securities exchanges, real estate, healthcare, neobanks, sports and entertainment celebrities, musicians, influencers and other innovators.

FINTECH’S FAVORITE APIS - fortress blockchain technologies

About Fortress Financial Technologies

Fortress provides foundational regulatory, financial and transactional technology for customers to build, scale, and succeed in their Web3 initiatives. 

Our team is composed of a mix of old-school finance industry executives combined with emerging technologies experts, championing transformation in payments, trading, digital data, and compliance. We sit on the cutting edge, though in an “adults in the room” kind of way. We build infrastructure to change the game for our customers- creating solutions in ePayments, crypto, enterprise tokenization, and more. 

We stand ready with incredible APIs and phenomenal customer support, we partner with best-in-class industry leaders, and we serve a broad, influential base of B2B customers from Y Combinator startup’s to major brands consumers and businesses rely on every day…globally.


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